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About Me

Jacob Moynihan, CEO of, helps grow businesses.

Jacob knows that no single approach works for every business, and his extensive marketing and sales experience gives him the latitude to navigate towards solutions.

Jacob started, grew, and sold Merchant23 – a company that was written up in major publications like Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and many more. He was also a keynote speaker at VinExpo and other conferences on the role technology plays in wine and spirits industry. In addition, he also caught the attention of industry leaders like Gary Vaynerchuck and worked alongside C-Suite executives of Fortune 500 companies.

Jacob Moynihan holds Growth Driven Design, Hubspot Marketing, Hubspot Sales and various other Lean, Agile and social media marketing certifications.

Jacob’s philanthropic pursuit’s include providing entrepreneurial resources and mentorship to formerly incarcerated and disenfranchised individuals

If you’re looking for creative solutions to achieve breakout growth in your business, you have come to the right place.