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Inbound Marketing by Jacob Moynihan

Inbound Marketing by Jacob Moynihan

As a marketer for your company you need to attract potential clients to your website, have them interact with your brand at scale, and make sure they leave happily – all while coordinating with your sales and services arms of your company to capture and convert them into a paying customer. Quite the task – and we can help, just keep reading

Much like dating, you don’t want just anyone, you want the right person – your buyer persona for your product.

You have defined your ideal buyer persona, correct? If you don’t know what that is, click here.

So in order to attract your buyer persona, you (obviously) need to create content that attracts the person you want. Ads, video, social media posts, blog content, etc. all need to be in alignment towards attracting your buyer persona.

Why create content? Well, not only does it help your web ranking, but it will help establish your company as a trusted source. By providing truly helpful, insightful content that speaks to and helps solve the pain points of your buyer persona creates trust with your brand.

In today’s digital age it’s the customers who hold the power. They will research and scrutinize products and services they are entertaining. To stand out, you need to create content. It was through the use of content that Jacob Moynihan’s company Merchant23 was able to grow so quickly.

While your content will be geared towards their pain points, don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage your prospect. A perfect example would be an offer for a helpful e-book that interested parties would need to leave an email address to download.

This does two things. One, it shows that whoever downloaded their e-book is interested in your suite of services or product, and two, it captures their contact information! With that, you can start a conversation with the prospect directly.

Keep in mind that just because you can start the conversation, doesn’t mean just start throwing offers at that person. Tailor your message to be personalized and make sure it comes at the right time. The right message, at the right person at the right time will increase your conversion rates across the board.

Think about where they are on the buyer’s journey. If they’re just starting to get to know you, hitting them with a sales offer isn’t the right move. You want to nurture them, and once that trust and securities is built then try the sell. Always consider where your client is in relation towards your business.

That’s just one example of the power of inbound marketing. The key is to create content that only unlocks when a prospect leaves behind some sort of contact information (email/first/last name) Now here’s the real kicker. ALL of this can be automated on your website! Your website can be churning visitors into interested prospects all on its own, by traffic alone, but only if your content is relevant and good and your website is set up to capture lead information.

All of this is very simple, but can be a daunting task to undertake without help. If you need any guidance, please set up a consultation with our CEO Jacob Moynihan here. !

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